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I'm Mitzy

I'm Mitzy, your dedicated partner in navigating the beautiful, yet challenging journey of parenthood. With over 15 years of experience as a Newborn Care Specialist, Birth and Postpartum Doula, and a trained Medical Assistant, I am here to ensure you feel supported, empowered, and confident as you welcome your newborn into your life.

As a compassionate professional, I'm deeply committed to providing care that respects your family's unique needs and preferences. I bring an understanding ear, a soothing presence, and a wealth of knowledge to help you through this transformative period. My comprehensive suite of services includes emotional support, assistance with newborn care routines, lactation counseling, postpartum education, sleep training, acid reflux support, colic care, and much more.

With my credentials as a Trustline Registered, CPR certified, and fully vaccinated professional, your safety and peace of mind are paramount. My extensive training includes DONA-approved workshops, Gentle Ventures newborn care specialist training, and a diploma in medical assistance from Maric College.

As a Birth Doula, I offer twenty-four-hour on-call services, assisting expecting women through the labor and delivery process. My role extends from providing emotional encouragement, aiding with physical positioning, performing massages, breathing exercises, baths, and other activities to relieve pain and pressure. I aim to help mothers avoid unnecessary medical interventions, shorten labor time, and maximize their opportunity to have the positive birth experience they desire.

As a Postpartum Doula and Newborn Care Specialist, I continue to support families through the vital early stages of parenthood. I guide new parents through the challenges and rewards of breastfeeding, develop loving newborn care routines, and offer support and education to facilitate a smooth transition into your new routine as a family.

In every interaction, I prioritize a collaborative partnership, working with you to align our approach with your input, goals, and values. Whether you require round-the-clock assistance, overnight care, or occasional support, we can design a plan that fits your schedule and meets your needs.

My ultimate goal is to alleviate the stresses of early parenthood, giving you the space to focus on your well-being and fostering a strong bond with your baby. Through ongoing education and personalized coaching, I equip you with the tools and skills to navigate newborn care, feeding, sleep routines, and more with confidence.

Together, we can turn the journey of early parenthood into a cherished and memorable experience. Let's create a nurturing environment for your little one and ensure the best outcomes for your baby and your family.




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Why work with Mitzy


Compassionate Supporter: Known for my compassionate and nurturing approach, I offer unwavering emotional support and guidance to you, while also creating a safe and understanding space during your journey.


Customized Care: Understanding that every family is unique, I provides personalized care tailored to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring that the support I offer is tailored to your unique circumstances.


Trustworthy Advisor: As a trusted advisor, I offer evidence-based information and resources, empowering you as a parent to make informed decisions about your birth, postpartum, newborn care, and sleep needs.


Empowering Presence: With my calm and empowering presence, I will instill confidence in you, help you navigate the challenges and uncertainties of your pregnancy, childbirth, and early parenthood, ultimately promoting a positive and fulfilling experience.

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Mitzy provided me with the strength and push I needed to seek additional help for my son from his doctor. She offered an unbiased perspective, and assured me that I was right in my thinking when it came to what’s best for my son. She helped us get him to a more stable routine, and helped me get to a place where I was confident and comfortable, and, taking on the nights. Though our time with her was brief, I will miss her dearly, and will never forget the positive impact she left on our family and our hearts

Mary F.

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